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Nowadays, with the story of the COVID-19 outbreak, many people are losing their jobs. And many people are not wanting to go out. Because the conditions during this period were very frightening. Both in terms of economy and money, everyone has lost and lost. Everyone in the country is having a hard time. Therefore, there is a new way to

earn money online for everyone to try to apply and try to find a new way. To help everyone have income in their pockets every month. In some companies, salaries have been cut due to the toxic economy. make most of the people Right now I’m losing

money and it’s very difficult. So today I’m going to take everyone to talk about a new football analysis. To help everyone to analyze football properly.

Analysis of football from the weather

In terms of weather conditions, we will look at it. On the day of the match of each team, we should look at the location before that location. We can see it from google maps or the weather conditions on the Application. We can know where the competition will be. He will be an announcer in football news or football news. Take a look and

analyze from the weather to see what the temperature of that place is. Is it raining or snowing? If it’s raining all athletes have to put in a bit more effort so that they don’t fall, if it snows each footballer has to run and kick the football off their feet quite a bit.

If the weather is hot, all players will have a chance of shock. The heat each athlete is not used to the heat, the climate is already

hook see the availability of the athlete.

In terms of the availability of athletes, we will Can’t go past this is a very important matter. Because athletes are the heart of football matches, if there is any mistake, but it will cause an error in the analysis of the ball immediately, we should look at each time the team meets with which one. And how many times has that one come down?

Now there are injuries, anyone who has injuries, ever come down to meet or not, people with injuries. What is your physical and mental state? Prioritize out as midfielders, defenders, and forwards to score. It will allow us to know where each team is important, where the focus is and where the chances of winning will be at the

moment. Analyze it and give a numerical score. The numbers indicate whether your team will be able to beat the opposing team.

See the results of each team in the past that have met how many times

From our past work, we should know how many times the work that has been in the works has been evaluated. And how many are there at present? How many different rates are there, how many wins and losses are there? Is there a team improvement in the competition or not? And this team adjustment, for better or for worse? So looking

at the performance is another important aspect. By looking at the finished results, you should also look at the performance of the league as well as how they are ranked. How far apart are these 2 places, if not very different, that is, very close, we will know. As

soon as which team will win and which team will lose, there is a chance of approximately 70% of the ranking. We knew right away which team was going to win.