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Disadvantages of doing business online

Although doing business online is very popular nowadays due to changes in human behavior that require more convenience in various aspects, however, no matter what happens, it has all its disadvantages. Even an online business that many people consider to be interesting, but there are angles that must be considered carefully for

those who are thinking of starting a business like this. Because if studied carefully, it can cause bad results. Followed later, it is the same.

6 disadvantages of doing business online.

1. There is a lot of competition – because online business is easy to do. Anyone can do it, so doing this kind of business happens quickly. When a lot of the same business happens It turns out that all the same target customers are vying. The chances of success are less and less. More importantly, there may be conflicts between sellers as well.

2. There is a price cut that makes it difficult for small businesses – due to increasingly high competition. The way many online businesses decide to do this is to cut their prices until small businesses are short on track. Can’t choose to find products whose cost is lower than the boss can’t sell products. Until eventually, it had to shut down because customers chose to buy products that are cheaper but of the same quality.

3. Lack of credibility in the product – I have to admit that buying products from online businesses is still not desirable for many people. people stay the same Because buying products in this manner, the buyer will not be able to see what the actual product looks like. That’s likely to be devoid of quality are high or product quality does not meet the requirements as well

4. There is a risk that a product does not meet the requirements – when shopping online, it requires a delivery which. the shipment was to be the problem, its not exactly as specified, or that the product was damaged during transport as well

5. frustration for people uncomfortable about technology – for the people. Who are not good at technology, doing business online will be a very difficult thing. Because if you do something wrong until you get a virus or get hacked important business information, it may become a big problem later as well.

6. Often times the product is unsellable – doing business online is sometimes a bad day. can be the same because if the product does not sell out in a row It may cause people to become discouraged in doing this type of business. This is something that will depress your mind until eventually you may decide to stop doing it by default.