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Benefits of having a website in terms of doing business

1. Build credibility for your brand or business.

online presence It’s something your brand or business should have. The more a B2B business website, the more credible your online presence will be. because on the website will be able to identify History and put your brand or business information in About Us or information about your business. Show the real business have a clear

origin make customers trust and dare to contact us more In addition, online sales Entering the address or location of your business and communication channels is also important. Because when there is an address and telephone number that can be contacted including product details and product pictures taken from real products In

addition to the information stated that everything is complete, accurate and sincere. The use of product images taken from actual products to assemble Customers who are

interested in purchasing will be more confident in buying. This is very useful for online selling websites.

2. Use a low budget.

because there is no need to pay for the place or the storefront in doing business online You don’t have to calculate your budget for renting or buying a storefront. which the budget from the rent there You can use it to market your online fully and efficiently.

And even more, nowadays, ready-made websites or creating free websites are available for you to choose from as well.

3. Reduce people problems.

Finding a reliable employee, consistent discipline, no lack of leave, not late, ready to stand by to sell products online for us 24 hours a day! Just a few features mentioned above. It’s hard to find someone to work for you, right? But the website can definitely meet these needs for you! And another advantage of having a website to sell products

online. That is, you can manage, control, take care of everything by yourself. And can take care of the shop from anywhere, anytime, saving money on hiring people as well.

4. Reduce the impact of social media changes.

Using social media other than our direct It’s just borrowing other people’s space to use for your own business. Too often, changing algorithms can cause problems for your business. Therefore, having your own website and domain can eliminate this risk.

because when we own ourselves allowing us to control Modify and modify our online sales website or business website. If there is a problem at any time, sure enough.

5. Can provide the most convenient and fastest services to customers 24 hours a day

when your customers are interested in your products, services or company information. This can always be done if you have your own website. Especially if it is a website selling products online that is a full E-Commerce website that has both an ordering system. The payment system has been completed on the web. It makes it more convenient for both business owners and 2-to-1 customers.

Benefits of having a website in terms of online marketing

6. Customers can easily access their business through the world’s number one Search Engine

such as Google. People will use Google to find what they want. The benefits will surely increase the opportunity for customers or people searching for relevant keywords to see your products and business via Google itself.

7. Can connect to other platforms of your brand or business

such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, Youtube, or even a Shopping Cart system (shopping cart) or functions for contacting other channels to allow customers to inquire more about your products and services.

8. Help increase efficiency in online advertising.

Remarketing / Custom Audience / Lookalike, which is an advance advertisement to make it more effective. Using the information of people who have visited your site in the ad-centric

9. Install a good analysis

systems such as CRM, system Retargeting The Dynamic

10. No portion of the sale.

Because sometimes to open an online store on Marketplace, sometimes we have to lose share from selling to the platform owner.

All of these are advantages and benefits in two aspects that we leave for business owners or entrepreneurs. who started looking for sustainable online business growth by starting to build their own website If anyone is still hesitant to wonder whether selling

products online on the website, on the big Marketplace, or through just Social Media, which one is better?