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Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Products Online

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Selling products online today is another way to build a business for many people. People who are able to open their eyes and open their mouths when the economy is not quite as positive as the Internet world has become more active. People who used to think that they do not know what to do, some people can have money from selling

online products. can Yet, no matter what you do, every coin has two sides. Selling products online is the same, at least before deciding what to do. You have to think about what advantages and disadvantages there are in order not to make a wrong decision.

Advantages of selling products online

1. Less investment, no need to have a storefront – The first advantage of selling products online is inevitable. If we don’t have our own storefront like some types of businesses, we don’t need to invest in renting a building. Invest in shop decoration But can use that money for other circulating in the business.

2. Easy to manage by one person – selling products online, sometimes we don’t need to hire employees to be too busy. You can make your own or use a few men were able to do as I wish I’d

3. convenient for customers – no need to find customers walking billboards calling for me. Just advertise through the Internet, in addition to convenience, but also get target customers from a distance throughout the country or abroad.

4. Have a lot of freedom – selling products online, sellers will have more freedom to live their lives. No need to sit and open the shop. Sit and wait to sell customers in front of the shop. Just have a mobile phone and internet anywhere. It’s not difficult to contact to sell products.

Disadvantages of selling products online

1. The competition in this era is very high – I have to admit that in this era, online selling is really very competitive. The same product can meet more than 3-4 sellers, so it may prevent us from succeeding if we do not choose the right product.

2. Easily attacked – The online world today is brutal, sometimes small mistakes. Little has become such a big deal that our shop can’t sell products because it has been branded by social media as poor quality products. That it may happen just a little and we take care of it.

3. Customers are not loyal – because talking to customers through text is not the same as face to face talk with taste Customers just feel that if they find a shop that is cheaper. Better quality will buy a shop that does not feel loyal to the store.

Focus on delivery – sometimes delays that are not caused by us can cause problems as well. Plus, having to wait for the delivery for a long time each day before the processing queue.